• Woburn mayor vetoes benefit package for injured officer


    WOBURN, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- The Mayor of Woburn has vetoed a benefit package which would give an officer injured in the line of duty 100 percent of his pay for life.

    Mayor Scott Galvin vetoed the bill, which was passed by the Woburn City Council two weeks ago, saying his decision and version of the bill is a better balance between the city's obligations to the officer and to the city's finances and use of taxpayer money, reports the Woburn Patch.

    The mayor's version of the bill reduces payments to Officer Robert DeNapoli to 80 percent of his pay after the age of 65 while the City Council's version allows DeNapoli to retire at his current age of 52 and receive 100 percent of his pay until age 65. DeNapoli would then receive a disability pension equal to 100 percent of his pay for the rest of his life.

    According to the Patch, on Aug. 7, Mayor Galvin defended his package saying it is "one of most comprehensive and generous ever presented to a police officer injured in line of duty." The mayor also added that his decision would avoid setting a precedent which could prove costly down the road.

    Officer DeNapoli was fired at multiple times during a jewelry store robbery at Musto Jewelers in Woburn in 2011. Following the incident, Officer DeNapoli was no longer able to work as a police officer. He still suffers from muscle and nerve damage and is blind in one eye.

    The issue will be taken up again at the next City Council meeting.

    For more information: Woburn Patch

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