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Winter Storm Warnings in Mass., snow emergencies declared


( -- The following Massachusetts cities and towns have declared snow emergencies:

Beverly- Parking ban began at 10 p.m. Monday

Brockton- Parking ban began 9 p.m. Monday

Everett- Parking ban began 9 p.m. Monday

Fitchburg- Parking ban began 12 a.m. Tuesday

Lowell- went into effect 6:00 p.m. Monday

Marblehead - Parking ban began at 11 p.m. Monday

Medford - started 12 a.m. Tuesday

North Andover- went into effect 9 p.m. Monday

North Hampton- Parking ban started at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday

Newburyport - Parking ban began 11 p.m. Monday

Revere -
Revere Beach Boulevard - Parking ban began at 11 p.m. Monday

Salem- Parking ban began 1 a.m. Tuesday

Southbridge- went into effect at 7 p.m. Monday

Webster-Parking ban began at 3 p.m. Monday

Winthrop - Winthrop Shore Drive - Parking ban began at 11 p.m. Monday

Worcester - Parking ban began at 8 p.m. Monday

NOTE: Fox 25 relies on towns to submit parking bans or viewers to notify us of parking bans in their towns. As a result, some towns with parking bans may not be listed. If you town has a parking ban email it to

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