• Winds cause tree, power lines to fall on occupied car in Leicester


    LEICESTER, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- The weather was warm on Monday but the winds were strong. So strong, in fact, that a large tree and live wires blew onto cars in Leicester while they were in motion.

    "It just crashed right on top of us," Brandon Wood said.

    He told FOX 25 that his life flashed before his eyes. Brandon and two friends were driving down Main Street in Leicester when police say a huge gust of wind blew a massive tree right down onto their car.

    The driver, Ryan Waters was amazed no one was hurt.

    "The whole back of the car is crushed, the glass shattered. It was pretty terrifying," he said.

    A minivan was also crushed, and that driver was not as lucky, because as the tree came down it took four telephone poles with it. Nearly 75 percent of the town lost power.

    "The second vehicle slid into the tree and became entangled in live power lines," Leicester's Police Chief James Hurley said.

    That driver was hurt and afraid he might get electrocuted. National Grid was called in to turn off that electricity on Main Street. Neighbors were amazed the man was not killed.

    "By looking at the car you would never think someone could walk out of that," said nearby resident Kaylee Dowd.

    And tonight the three friends who were in the crushed car realize just how lucky they are. Brandon says, "We're feeling very fortunate right now. It could have been a much worse outcome I'm sure."

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