• Will trial expose Bulger’s police payroll?


    FOX UNDERCOVER - Will Whitey name the cops and agents who were on his payroll? That's a burning question on the minds of many as both the prosecution and defense acknowledged the one-time Southie crime boss paid off law enforcement.

    "Why should they get away with the crime?" asked Steven Davis, whose sister Debra was allegedly killed by Bulger. "I'm expecting them to be exposed. I'm looking forward to that, I really am. I know myself personally there was a lot of corrupt FBI, local and state that were in bed with these guys."

    Some of the names of corrupt law enforcement officials are already well-known. Former FBI agent John Connolly is now serving time for murder. He received tens of thousands of dollars from Bulger, according to Bulger defense attorney J. W. Carney.

    Retired State Police Lt. Richard Schneiderhan served 18 months in prison for obstruction of justice for his role helping the Bulger gang. FOX Undercover reporter Mike Beaudet caught up with him in 2009 to ask him about the state pension he's still receiving despite his criminal conviction.

    "Do you really think you should get a pension given your criminal conviction?" Beaudet asked him.

    "Thank you," Schneiderhan replied.

    "Kevin Weeks says you tipped off Whitey Bulger and his associates repeatedly," Beaudet said.

    "Not true. Not true," Schneiderhan replied.

    "Just trying to get your side of the story, sir," Beaudet said.

    "You don't have it," he replied.

    "Well we'd like to get it," Beaudet said.

    "Oh I can imagine you would," Schneiderhan said.

    But the payoffs didn't end there. Assistant U.S. Attorney Brian Kelly said during his opening statement Wednesday that Bulger "made a point of paying off law enforcement."

    And defense attorney Carney went even further, saying in his openings that Bulger had "local, state and especially federal law enforcement on his payroll."

    Another alleged Bulger victim, Steve Rakes, expects Bulger to name names during the trial. Bulger is accused of extorting Rakes's South Boston liquor store from him in the early 1980s.

    "Do you think more corrupt law enforcement will be exposed during this trial?" Beaudet asked him.

    "Oh I believe so, seeing as he knows how much he gave each individual, he should also know their names," Rakes replied.

    "How many others do you think there are?" Beaudet said.

    "I'd say there's an exorbitant amount," Rakes replied.

    Steven Davis, whose sister was killed after she tried to leave her boyfriend, Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi, said he had no doubt more names would be named.

    "Do you think there are nervous retired law enforcement out there, wondering if they're going to be exposed?" Beaudet asked.

    "One answer to that is, you know it, you know it," Rakes replied.

    Boston police did not respond to a request for comment.

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