• Widow wants 'career criminal' to remain behind bars for husband's murder


    (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – A local widow, whose husband was murdered by a man she calls a "career criminal," is up for parole, and she is determined now more than ever to keep the inmate behind bars.

    FOX 25's Bob Ward spoke with Nadine Estathiou about the devastating loss of her husband Charlie. 

    "I'm sorry. He's not ready. He's not ready to come out. He can stay there as long as I care.  I can't bring Charlie home," Estathiou told FOX 25.

    Twenty-nine years ago, Thomas Childs fatally shot Estathiou's husband while he slept in a parked car in Roslindale.

    "It's been a rough road. I just want to keep him in jail because I cannot get my husband back," Estathiou said.

    Childs, whose record dates back to the 1960s and includes three armed robberies, is up for parole for a third time.  At one point, he even escaped from the Plymouth House of Corrections at knifepoint.

    In 1975, then Gov. Michael Dukakis pardoned Childs, wiping his criminal record clean and allowing Childs to obtain a gun.

    After Charlie was murdered, Dukakis wrote to his family apologizing for the fact that Childs received a gubernatorial pardon.

    Even though Charlie's family is still angry about the pardon, they are more concerned about what might happen if Childs, now 72-years-old, gets another break.

    The parole hearing for Childs takes place on Tuesday, Sept. 18.

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