• Whistle-blowers set to testify in Benghazi hearing

    (MyFoxBoston.com) – Whistle-blowers are expected to testify Wednesday that the Obama administration lied about what happened in Benghazi. On Sept. 11, 2012, two separate attacks hours apart on the U.S. facility in Benghazi killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, including Winchester native Glen Doherty.

    For people in Massachusetts, this isn't just a matter of national security. It's more personal than that. For Doherty's family, it's a question of who took a member of their family away from them forever.

    Now, Republican lawmakers who have been hounding the Obama administration – including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – over what led to the attacks will have their chance to ask questions they say have been unanswered.
    Expected in the hearing is testimony from whistle-blowers, giving an account that challenges the White House's version of events. They say this wasn't a protest that ended in violence, but a terrorist attack. And leading up to the raid, some say those under attack were not given the full backing of the military.

    Anger over these attacks was intensified the weeks after it happened.

    Critics say the lead-up to the presidential election led the administration to cover up the facts. Then, health issues postponed Clinton for testifying in previous hearings, and when she finally did, it was the same week she retired as secretary of state.

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