• What is Scott Brown's next move?


    (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – Ever since Elizabeth Warren won the Senate race in Massachusetts, voters have been wondering…what's next for Scott Brown?

    FOX 25's Sharman Sacchetti says Scott Brown has a lot of options before him. He can run in another special election, if there is one. If he wins the special election, he would have to run again in 2014 because that is when Sen. John Kerry's term would be up.

    Another option would be to avoid the possible special election altogether and run for governor in 2014.

    Brown could also go into the private sector.

    However, one more option still remains.

    One analyst says it is less likely to happen, but Brown could run for Senate, just not right away.

    If Sen. Kerry wins confirmation as Secretary of State and Brown chooses not to run in a special election, then he doesn't risk doing any harm to his name.

    It's possible, but will it happen?

    "Taking a knee right now with a brand as hot as Scott Brown is in Washington with the Republican Senate Committee, with the PACs, and here in Massachusetts will be very, very difficult to do. Taking a knee in politics, elections wait for no man and no woman and my sense would be that while tough, it's slightly irresistible I think," Republican strategist Pat Griffin told FOX 25.

    If Brown runs for Senate, he can use the money he already has in his campaign war chest, If he runs for governor, he can't use that money and would have to start raising for 2014 for a race here in Massachusetts.

    A spokesperson for Scott Brown declined to comment on the story.

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