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Western Mass. woman accused of making illegal u-turn, hitting two cars


HOLYOKE, Mass. ( -- A 41-year-old woman is accused of hitting two cars after making an illegal u-turn in Holyoke.

Kristine Kostopulos, of West Springfield, is facing several charges that include leaving the scene of personal injury, two counts of leaving the scene of property damage, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, operating to endanger, failure to stop for the police, and wrong way on a one way street.

A Holyoke police detective reportedly witnessed Kostopulos make an illegal u-turn on Pine Street Wednesday. He claims that when he ordered her to pull over, she accelerated, drove up onto the sidewalk, and drove at an estimated 75 mph onto a one way street.

Residents directed the detective to where Kostopulos was traveling by yelling, "that way!" Kostopulos is accused of hitting two cars. One person sustained non-life threatening injuries in the incident.

Kostopulos was later arrested by Holyoke narcotic detectives and a West Springfield police officer at the Bel Air Motel in West Springfield. Her passenger, Nicole Ann Seymour, was arrested by West Springfield police on an outstanding warrant.