• Wealthy teens celebrate ultra-luxurious lifestyle on Instagram


    A new Tumblr page is highlighting the Instagram photos posted on the photo sharing app by some of its most wealthy young users.

    One of the photos posted by a user from France shows a $100,000 restaurant bill from a trip to St. Tropez. Other Instagram users sounded off in the comments section.

    "Oh, that's lovely. Which charities do you donate to? Hope you sleep well at night knowing you could feed a small country with that bill," says one user.

    Another user defends the Parisian's lavish lifestyle, "Haters gonna hate. You don't owe anyone any explanation on how you spend your money. They're just jealous."

    The photo is just one of several images on the Tumblr page that will have the average person rolling their eyes. Other photos include a young man standing next to a plane that is captioned, "my new toy," as well as a Miami resident's yacht complete with an inflatable slide.

    To see all of the photos click here.

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