• Watertown resident captures gunfire on cell phone


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – A Watertown resident in range of the gunfire exchanged between the Boston Marathon bombing suspects and officers has released several photos that he took on his cell phone of one of the biggest shootouts in recent police history.

    Andrew Kitzenberg took pictures of the chaos that unfolded in Watertown late Thursday night into early Friday. He put the pictures on his website, www.getonhand.com, and blogged about what he saw.

    Kitzenberg says it all started when he heard a rapid fire pop of gunfire just outside the window of his Watertown apartment.

    The first photo was taken at 12:45 a.m. Friday. The image shows both Tsarnaev brothers, taking up a position behind a stolen Mercedes, engaging in a shootout with police positioned about 80 yards away.

    Near the brothers is their green Honda sedan which has the door open.

    Kitzenberg writes he could see them accessing the Honda, possibly for more ammunition and explosives. At their feet is a pressure cooker bomb.

    When that exploded, Kitzenberg writes it enveloped the entire street with smoke and that is when the brothers made their move.

    Tamerlan charged at the police on foot while Dzhokhar sped toward the police line in the black Mercedes. He broke the line and disappeared.

    The next series of photos reveals the aftermath.

    Police used a robot to examine the Honda and the street looking for explosives.

    After the mayhem, Kitzenberg writes that his roommate's wall and computer chair were peppered with bullet holes, the physical scars of two desperate brothers and their life and death fight with police.

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