• Watch: High-schooler kicks 67-yard field goal


    It wasn't exactly a kick heard round the world, but judging from its YouTube views it's probably been viewed around the world.

    In a video posted on YouTube high school kicker, Austin Rehkow, playing for Central Valley High School in Washington, kicked a 67-yard field goal with two seconds left in a game against Shadle Park to tie it up, setting his team up for an overtime win.

    Rehkow's kick was a full four yards farther than the NFL record set in 1970 by the New Orleans Saints' Tom Dempsey and repeated again in September by the San Francisco 49ers' David Akers.

    Unfortunately for Rehkow it wasn't the longest kick ever recorded, or even the longest in high school history. The longest field goal in history was kicked during an NCAA game. The 69-yard field goal was kicked in 1976 by Ove Johansson of Abilene Christian University.

    The high school record was set in 1985 by Dirk Borgognone, of Reno High School. It measured 68 yards.

    Still, we're impressed at Rehkow's boot. Anyone who can pound one through the uprights a full four yards farther than an NFL kicker deserves to go viral.

    The video of the kick has more than 1.1 million views.


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