• Washington Monument, other landmarks relocated in Apple Maps


    Since the release of Apple's iOS 6 mobile platform there has been one thing most of the Internet has agreed on, Apple Maps are really bad.

    From fuzzy GPS locations to a 3D feature that makes the Battersea Bridge in London look like it was designed by Tim Burton, there are no shortage of reported flaws in the software.

    A new blog has dedicated itself to unearthing the liberties Apple has taken with geography, including leaving out the Philippines at a certain zoom level.

    The Amazing iOS6 maps tumblr account has been posting screenshots of reported flaws in the software.

    Our favorites include a missing statue outside of the Denver Center for Performing Arts, an Apple Store being the only shop in a busy UK mall and, oh yeah, the Washington Monument pin is located a few hundred yards away from where the monument actually is. (We're sure you'd see the Monument if you went to the spot of the pin, though.)

    Click here to see the blog.

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