• Warrant lays out evidence against Hernandez in Boston murders


    NORTH ATTLEBORO, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Explosive new information in the Aaron Hernandez case backs up what law enforcement sources have been telling FOX 25 for months. Authorities believe the June murder of Odin Lloyd in North Attleboro is connected to a double murder in Boston that took place in July 2012.

    Former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez is charged with the Lloyd murder, and he's a suspect in the Boston case. According to a search warrant, Hernandez became a suspect in the Boston double homicide within days after the Lloyd murder.

    The warrant says it happened for two reasons. First, while investigating the Lloyd murder, North Attleboro police received a tip from an employee at Rumor Night Club in Boston.

    Rumor is the club that investigators claim Hernandez and Lloyd argued at two days before Lloyd was executed. Prosecutors believe that argument led to Lloyd's murder. The Rumor employee told detectives that a patron "accidentally spilled the beans" in front of him. What exactly was said is unclear, but it implicated Hernandez.

    Shortly after the Lloyd killing, a Boston Police detective remembered seeing Hernandez on surveillance footage taken at Cure Lounge on the same night of the Boston double murder. Also at Cure that night, Boston double murder victims Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu, along with three of their friends.

    More surveillance was then pulled from cameras outside the club. Investigators claim the footage shows Hernandez in a Toyota circling the block waiting for Furtado and Abreu and the three others to exit the club and get into a BMW sedan.

    Hernandez was reportedly then seen slowly following the BMW. Minutes later, and less than a mile away, an SUV similar to the one Hernandez was driving pulled up next to the BMW and someone inside opened fire.

    Police found Abreu with a gunshot wound to the chest while Furtado had a gunshot wound to the head.

    Another passenger in the car, Aquilino Freire, was shot in both arms. He told police that he saw an SUV pull up alongside the vehicle he was in and saw a rear passenger laughing before the shooting.

    The documents do not name a triggerman.

    Abreu's step-brother Sebastian Mendes said that Abreu had never heard of Hernandez, and did not watch football.

    "I want justice for my brother," he said.

    FOX Undercover spoke to one of the survivors who claims it was Hernandez.

    Also, allegedly with Hernandez that night, his former right hand man Alexander Bradley. He's the guy who would later say Hernandez shot him in the eye.

    The warrant says Bradley discussed the Boston incident during recorded phone calls while he was in prison.

    A grand jury continues to investigate the Boston case.

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