• Warrant: Hernandez 'may' have been shooter in Boston slayings


    BRISTOL, Conn. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A newly unsealed search warrant in the Aaron Hernandez case suggests he "may" have been the shooter in the July 12 murders of two men in Boston.

    Months ago, a witness told FOX Undercover that Hernandez was the triggerman in the murders. The documents released Thursday say Hernandez "may have been shooter."

    In their application for a search of a home owned by the former Patriot's uncle, investigators wrote, "gunshot residue may still exist" on a Toyota 4-Runner stored in garage.

    The new documents, which relate to the search of 114 Lake Avenue in Bristol, Conn., say Boston authorities initially learned of the Lake Avenue home from North Attleborough investigators.

    North Attleborough authorities investigating the murder of Odin Lloyd found a firearm while conducting an initial search at the home, according to the documents. However, court documents do not indicate whether or not law enforcement believe this weapon is connected to a crime. Investigators have previously suggested the weapon used to kill Lloyd has not been recovered.

    After that search, authorities probing Lloyd's murder told Boston investigators there was a Toyota 4-Runner with a dead battery and cobwebs on it locked in the home's garage. Investigators allege the 4-Runner at the Lake Avenue home was the same SUV used in the July 2012 double homicide.

    The documents released claim one person interviewed at the home said the SUV belonged to Aaron Hernandez.

    The home is owned by 68-year-old Tito Valderamma, Hernandez's uncle by marriage. Bristol police previously told FOX 25 Hernandez was a frequent visitor and a number of his associates were regulars at the home. Hernandez's cousin, Tanya Singleton, lives in the house. She is facing a conspiracy charge for allegedly helping one of her cousin's associates flee to Florida after the June 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd.

    A Suffolk County Grand Jury continues to weigh whether or not the former New England Patriot will be indicted in the 2012 murders of Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu. The men were fatally shot inside a BMW sedan after going to Cure Lounge in Boston with friends.

    Investigators allege Hernandez was also at the club that night.

    Hernandez is being held without bail on murder and weapons charges in Odin Lloyd's death.

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