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Ware sex offender too dangerous to release


EAST BROOKFIELD, Mass. (AP) - A registered sex offender authorities allege tried to persuade a 17-year-old girl to appear in pornographic movies and become an exotic dancer has been deemed a danger to the community.

The ruling by a judge Wednesday against 55-year-old Ronald Ballard of Ware means he can be held 90 days without bail.

Police say Ballard hung out at a Spencer farm stand where the girl was working alone on July 29, took pictures of her, and threatened to hang her by her toes off a bridge.

He pleaded not guilty to charges including threatening to commit murder.

His attorney argued that it's wrong to jail someone for fear they may commit a crime not related to the current charges.

Ballard is a Level 3 sex offender, considered the most likely to re-offend.