• Wakefield man accused of abusing children faces arraignment


    WOBURN (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – The Wakefield man indicted on nearly 100 horrific charges, accused of sexually abusing more than a dozen children, will be formally arraigned Wednesday.    

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    FOX Undercover has learned new information about John Burbine's personal life and a possible federal investigation. Burbine is facing 95 charges connection to the alleged rape and sexual abuse of 13 children, some just days old.

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    Investigators say Burbine came into contact with those children through an unlicensed Wakefield daycare run by his wife.
    Burbine was a Level 1 sex offender. FOX  Undercover has learned the Department of Homeland Security has said it's ready and willing to help out with this investigation. They will look into whether Burbine shared images or videos of the victims with people in other states or countries.
    FOX also learning that Burbine's wife had filed for divorce in 2009 when she found out he was a sex offender, but later dismissed the motion.

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