• Viral: Snake opens door, escapes closet, haunts our dreams


    MyFoxBoston.com— Are you afraid of snakes? No? Ok, what about snakes that can open doors? Now what's up?

    That's exactly what a snake featured in a Vimeo video going viral did. According to the video description, the pet snake was alone in a dark room. The owner says the snake then proceeded to flick the light switch on the wall and open the door by leaning on the handle.

    Once the snake gets through to the other side of the door, the owner congratulates her with a "Good Job!" Which is the exact opposite of our reaction: "Dear God, why?"

    According to the owner, "Julius" can also open doors with round knobs – so we've got that going for us. She said the snake learned to escape all by herself.

    Sadly, the owner reports that the snake was euthanized in 2012 following a battle with an infection. The video, however, will continue to haunt our dreams, forever.

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