• Viral: Cat, in shark costume, riding vacuum, chasing a duck


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Just when you thought you've seen every possible Internet cat video scenario, comes today's viral video. Well played, Internet, well played.

    Cats are pretty much the go-to for viral video glory. But when you start adding shark costumes, robotic vacuum cleaners and ducklings, you've turned the knob to 11.

    The video, posted about 5 months ago by user texasgirly1979, just started making the rounds again. It's got 1.1 million page views.

    If this sort of video escalation continues, YouTube might just throw up its hands and say, "Guys, I can't handle this much awesome. I'm shutting down and I'm taking the rest of the Internet with me. Sorry."

    Click here to watch the video in all its cat/shark/vacuum/duckling glory.

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