• Viral: Cat comically paralyzed by thunder shirt


    Every now and then my cat gets a little freaked out by thunder and one of two things happens:

    1. She glues herself to me until the storm passes.
    2. She hides under the bed and growls.

    We haven't quite had to venture into Thundershirt territory yet.

    What's a Thundershirt you ask? It's effectively a wrap that goes around a dog or a cat and applies a little pressure to them when the weather is bad, creating a calming effect.

    There's a lot of debate as to whether they work or not, but today's viral video may have ended the discussion.

    The video, posted on LiveLeak, shows a cat named Sam going completely limp when the Thundershirt is applied. Sam's owner keeps trying to stand Sam up, but Sam keeps toppling over.

    Don't worry folks, the effect is only temporary and Sam gets up and walks away when the owner takes the shirt off.

    Watch on LiveLeak.com: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=cd6_1368140957

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