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VIDEO: Woman says she sleep-walked onto MBTA tracks


BOSTON ( -- MBTA officials released a YouTube video Monday that shows a woman fall onto the tracks at Davis Station.

The video, which has a time stamp from Monday at 8:41 a.m., shows the woman walk toward the tracks and fall from the platform. She can be seen laying on the tracks as another person approaches. The person appears to walk over to the other side of the platform to get more help.

A few seconds later, dozens of people rush toward the tracks and a few people immediately jump down from the platform to remove the woman.

At the end of the video, the rescuers can be seen climbing back onto the platform.

An MBTA official tells FOX 25 the unidentified 31-year-old woman is being treated for an arm injury. She told EMTs she had fallen asleep on a bench inside the station and possibly sleep-walked into the pit.

Officials say there wasn't a train near Davis Station at the time.