• Video shows Brown supporters mocking Warren's Indian heritage


    (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) - New video released online Tuesday is causing controversy.

    According to Blue Mass Group, who posted the video to YouTube, the video was taken at a Scott Brown rally on Saturday.

    The video shows supporters holding both Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren campaign signs and cheering. Then supporters, holding Scott Brown signs, start gesturing with "tomahawk chops" in apparent reference to Elizabeth Warren's Native American heritage.

    Tuesday morning outside of South Station, Scott Brown told reporters he hadn't seen the video, so he could not comment on it.

    Scott Brown told reporters it's not something he would condone, but that he hadn't seen the video. "I haven't even seen what you're referring to," he said. "I haven't even seen it."

    FOX 25 has learned, at least one of those featured in the video is someone with the Massachusetts Republican Party.

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