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Video: Man sends son's toy train into space


A new YouTube video could be inspiration for families looking to do something unusual this weekend.

The creative director for Oxygen Productions brought his work home with him this week. Ron Fugelseth strapped his son's favorite toy train to a ballon equipped with a camera and cell phone to create a truly unforgettable video.

The 4-year-old's train, which he calls Stanley, soared over beautiful scenery before landing 27 miles away in a corn field. Fugelseth was able to track Stanley's location using GPS on the cell phone that was sent up with the train.

Fugelseth warns others who may try to do a similar experiment. He spent a great deal of time tracking winds and made sure that the device would land in a remote area so that no one would be injured when it fell to earth.

To watch the video on YouTube and to learn more about the experiment, click here.