• Victims' family members testify at Bulger trial


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – An emotional round of testimony at the James "Whitey" Bulger trial Friday as the widow of Michael Donahue and brother of Debra Davis took the stand.

    Patricia Donahue detailed how she last saw her husband alive just before Mother's Day in 1982. Donahue said she was making dinner when reports about a double-shooting in Boston's Seaport area came on television. Donahue said that she thought she recognized her vehicle at the scene. It wasn't until hours later that police took her to a hospital where her husband had died.

    On cross-examination, defense attorneys asked her if she had anything to say. Donahue expressed frustration at law enforcement's delay in telling her where Michael was.

    "I wanted to know why it took law enforcement so much time to tell me what happened to my husband," said Donahue. "I had so much I wanted to say to him."

    Donahue said it makes her "sick to her stomach" to know that Bulger's protégé Kevin Weeks and FBI agent John Morris were able to cut deals to avoid prosecution in the death of her husband, who was shot as he sat in a car with Edward Halloran.

    "I don't understand why all these people who were involved in my husband's death are walking around like nothing ever happened," said Donahue.

    Earlier testimony revealed that Weeks acted as a lookout for Brian Halloran, calling out his location before he was shot. Morris testified that his decision to out Halloran as an informant to FBI Agent John Connolly may have contributed to his death.

    The brother of Debra Davis also took the stand Friday, emotionally describing his sister's disappearance.

    "She was a beautiful young woman. She had no enemies, except for two. Everybody that met her loved her," said Steve Davis as he choked back tears. "She was my best friend growing up."

    Davis was 26 years old when she disappeared in 1981. Steve Davis said he first learned Debbie was missing from his mother who hadn't heard from her after she went to meet Stephen Flemmi.

    Prosecutors say Bulger strangled her inside a South Boston apartment after she attempted to end her relationship with Flemmi.

    Davis said after his sister's disappearance, Flemmi would come to his family's home and tell them he was doing everything he could to find her and urged them not to call police.

    Davis said he didn't believe Flemmi for a second. Davis has regularly attended the trial. He said the last time he saw his sister was during Thursday's testimony when her skeletal remains were presented to the jury.

    Two former drug dealers also took the stand Friday, detailing extortion at the hands of Bulger's Winter Hill Gang.

    Paul Moore told the jury that he was required to buy marijuana and coke from Bulger's gang and was required to pay "rent" to them to deal in South Boston. He said he was fined $10,000 by Bulger for buying some cocaine from an outside source even though Bulger had given him permission to do so.

    Another former drug dealer, Anthony Attardo, said he tried to skirt paying Bulger rent, but was met with a $100,000 demand. When he refused to pay, he said his 17-year-old brother was shot. After settling up with Bulger he said Whitey told him he could "do whatever what you want."

    Bookie Kevin Hayes also took the stand, saying Kevin Weeks pulled him into a basement at a home in Southie with plastic on the ground and a chair in the middle of the room. Hayes said Weeks told him the plastic was there in case they needed to "blow his brains out" for not paying a $100,000 rent to Bulger.

    Hayes later admitted that he only dealt with Weeks and never saw or spoke to Bulger.

    Dr. Kathleen Crowley, a forensic dentist, testified that she was able to identify the remains of Arthur "Bucky" Barrett and John McIntyre using unique dental signifiers. Prosecutors allege that Bulger killed the two and then pulled their teeth before burying them to prevent investigators from identifying the bodies.

    Testimony will continue Monday. Follow @fox25court on Twitter for real-time updates.

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