• VH1's 'Wicked Single' heads to Boston


    In the Spirit of Valentine's Day, get ready for "Wicked Single," a new television show on VH1.

    The Boston-based reality show will follow a group of 20- and 30- somethings as they look for love in Beantown. The show will play off of some of Boston's most notorious stereotypes, including those typical "Bah"ston accents.

    Here's a look at the characters, as described by VH1:

    There's Rachel, 28, who decorates her apartment with wedding invitations, longing to send out her own someday. She has tons of energy and an outrageous personality.

    Nikki, 30 (or maybe 28), is best buds with Rachel. Boston born and bred, she's also looking for a man. She hides her desire for Yankees' shortstop Derek Jeter and craves stability.

    Chubs, 30, is described as the life of the party. However, show creators claim Chubs' immature side his often hurts his luck when it comes to meeting women.

    Chelsi, 24, is the youngest member of the show. She's described as ‘the maniac' due to her knack for getting others in trouble. Despite her similarities with Chubs, they've yet to get together.

    Chrissy, 27, is described as a pretty Southie girl who is often the peacekeeper despite her tough streak. With three different jobs, Chrissy is certainly a hard worker. She loves to date around and isn't looking for a serious relationship.

    Joe, 30, lives with Chubs, who is his best friend. Joe has no problem finding a date, but he can't seem to find "the one."

    "Wicked Single's" executive producer, Jeff Olde spoke with the Boston Globe and said VH1 is always looking for regional areas that hold certain characteristics. The show exposes some of these characteristics as it's shot all over the city.

    Olde says Boston isn't an overexposed location and offers a "breath of fresh air."

    Much of the "Wicked Single" is set in Southie, with the crew shooting in multiple cast members' homes and frequently visited night-spots. Olde says it's more of a doc reality show, with no season arc and nothing the characters are being pushed toward for the end of the season.

    But why these characters?

    Chubs got the ball rolling as he was on the casting tape for a different VH1 show. He wasn't chosen for it, but Olde liked him enough to look at who he hangs out with, where he's from and what his life is about.

    The cast members are all still young and not quite ready to make the transition into adulthood. "Wicked Single" shows their transition as they try to balance multiple responsibilities. Olde describes the show as funny, but real. The characters deal with relationship issues, job troubles, and questions about being on the right path in life.

    The show will premiere on Saint Patrick's Day at 11 p.m. featuring ten hour long episodes over the season.

    To learn more: VH1.com

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