• Veterinarian looks to raise money for veteran's injured dog


    MANCHESTER, N.H. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Molly, a 3-year-old Australian Shepherd, suffered four broken legs after she was hit by a plow truck Tuesday night.

    After being hit by a plow, Molly was taken to the Center for Advanced Veterinary Care in Manchester, N.H.. She was bleeding and unable to walk, but still wagging her tail. After a quick assessment, her vet determined that she was mentally sound and did not have a serious internal injury. However, x-rays showed that she had broken all four limbs.

    Molly's owner was not able to pay for her care and asked about taking her home to die, the vet said. The doctor on duty discussed humane euthanasia with Molly's owner. Another veterinarian, Dr. Kelloway, returned to the office and learned about the situation. She wondered if there was another option for Molly, and decided that euthanasia was not the best way to go.

    Molly's owner had to give her up, so the vet could make decisions for her. He left the office crying. What he doesn't know is that Kelloway discovered he is a veteran, and she wants to give him his dog back.

    "I want to give a veteran something wonderful for Christmas… his dog," she said.

    The estimated cost for Molly's surgery is $4,000. The vet set up an account online to raise donations for Molly. So far, they have raised over $6,000.

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