• Vet who euthanized cat accused of mistreating dog


    BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) A Massachusetts family tells FOX 25 that the same doctor involved in a dispute over euthanasia paperwork treated their bulldog that later became very ill.

    Tania and Walter Burke brought their 80-pound old English bulldog, Buddy, to the Broadway Animal Hospital after he broke his toe.

    The Burkes say Dr. Muhammad Malik performed an unknown procedure on Buddy and then wrapped his leg from toe to elbow before sending him home.

    "Within three days there was a rancid smell coming from the wrapping and we started to take off the wrapping ourselves and noticed it was swollen unbelievable," says Tania.

    They took their family pet back to Dr. Malik when they say gangrene set in and bone was exposed. Appalled at the sight and Dr. Malik's care, they went to plan B, which was another animal hospital.

    Buddy's leg ultimately had to be amputated.

    The Burkes took their frustration to the State Veterinary Board of Medicine for a hearing.

    "They said he misdiagnosed. That he did not know how to read the x-ray and there was no broken toe," says Tania.

    FOX 25 spoke with Dr. Malik's attorney, Michael Sheridan, over the phone.

    "At least one article I read stated his license had been taken away and that's simply not true," says Attorney Sheridan. "He was still able to practice during that time according to Dr. Malik and he had to take some refreshionary courses."

    Sheridan says he'd rather not comment on whether or not Dr. Malik takes full responsibility for the misdiagnosis.

    "It's been dealt with, it's in the past, he complied with the conditions and I think it's best left that way," says Attorney Sheridan.

    He adds that over a 30-year career, Dr. Malik has only one complaint on file, which he says is uncommon.

    Tania and Walter contacted FOX 25 after seeing a story about Dr. Malik. Malik recently euthanized a cat after its owner's son mistakenly signed paperwork for the procedure. The cat was brought to the Broadway Animal Hospital for a flea bath.

    Attorney Sheridan tells FOX 25 that euthanasia is mentioned at least twice on the form and that the man filled the form out himself.

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