• Uxbridge church owners discuss allegations that they run a cult


    UXBRIDGE (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) Serious allegations have recently surfaced against an Uxbridge church that is accused of operating more like a cult. Some say the group targets young women.

    Dennis Stanley, pastor at the Church of the End Times, appeared in court on Friday as he answered to a restraining order filed against him by his wife, Beth.

    Beth accuses her husband of causing emotional and physical abuse to her family. Dennis and his brother, David, are also accused of running a cult out of his church.

    "He wants to live a life of 10 women and being a rock star and being adored by women," said Beth.

    Beth alleges that Dennis sleeps in her bed with close to a dozen minors. This reportedly occurs under the same roof as the couple's three children.

    FOX 25 first sat down with Beth Stanley over the summer to discuss the church that Dennis and David founded out of a warehouse. Beth and her mother-in-law, Andrea, claim the brothers have been brainwashing and exploiting vulnerable people.

    "People that are in the church are people that have drug issues, people that have no families," Andrea Gault told FOX 25.

    Both women say they first noticed a change in David and Dennis' behavior two years ago. They believe the men may have snapped because of money.

    "I think their ego with all the money that they had," said Andrea.

    Andrea says her sons made millions with their Uxbridge paving business, "Driveways Corporation."

    FOX 25 investigated the company a few years ago after customers began complaining of shoddy work.

    The Better Business Bureau has given the company an "F" grade and says that dozens of customers have complaining as recently as August 2012.

    Dennis and David told FOX 25 on Friday that their church isn't a cult and that the allegations are just Beth's way of getting her hands on her husband's money.

    Beth Stanley was granted a year-long restraining order against her husband. Stanley was recently arrested after a standoff with police regarding a previously set restraining order by his wife.

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