• U.S. Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren pulls ahead in new poll


    BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown and Democratic rival Elizabeth Warren have been neck and neck for the duration of the Massachusetts Senate race; however, a recent poll conducted by The Boston Globe has Warren pulling ahead.

    The new poll found that 43 percent of voters will most likely vote for Warren while 38 percent will most likely vote for Brown.

    The two candidates were in a tight race with Brown leading in almost every poll over the last few months, but in the past two weeks Warren has been gaining momentum giving Democrats a good chance of gaining a seat, reports the Examiner.com.

    Thus far, the race between Brown and Warren has been relatively cordial with hardly any mudslinging; however, as the race heats, the pair have been trading blows.

    Brown attacked Warren for her claims of Native American heritage, but the ad backfired when videos of Brown supporters doing the "Tomahawk chop" on two separate occasions surfaced.

    The two candidates, both lawyers, have called on each other to release lists of past corporate clients.

    Brown has tried to frame Warren as an out-of-touch academic who's determined to raise taxes and undermine free enterprise.

    Warren has portrayed Brown as a friend of Wall Street and big business, and as an unreliable vote on women's issues.

    The race, the most expensive political contest in Massachusetts history, is seen as key by both national parties as they wrestle for control of the Senate.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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