• US Sen. hopeful Sullivan says he condemns comments


    BOSTON (AP) - Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Michael Sullivan is condemning statements made by the head of a Tea Party-aligned group that is supporting his campaign.

    The Conservative Campaign Committee said it is planning to spend $200,000 on radio and television ads aimed at helping Sullivan defeat fellow Republicans Gabriel Gomez and Daniel Winslow.

    In an Internet posting, the group's leader Lloyd Marcus criticized gay activists as "outrageously aggressive" and "relentless, vicious and hell bent on forcing" people to believe their behavior is normal.

    In a debate between Gomez and Sullivan Monday on WRKO-AM, Sullivan said he condemns the comments.

    Sullivan also said again that he was not familiar with the group.

    A spokesman for the group said last week that its support of Sullivan has "nothing to do with gay marriage, abortion or any other social issue."

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