• Up to four inches of snow possible for parts of Mass.



    There will be a storm in the ocean to our south Wednesday night. The northern edge will clip southeastern New England.

    This storm has a ton of moisture with it, so we are certainly lucky it will track far enough off as to not hit us more directly. I am still thinking light snow could make it as far north as the Mass Pike where a coating to two inches is possible.

    Farther southeast, from Plymouth to Groton, Conn. and southeast to Cape Cod and the Islands, two to four inches is possible. There may be some mixing on Nantucket.

    Clearly, if this track deviates at all from my current forecast, we'll have to adjust the snow bands Wednesday. Don't look at the low totals and think this is an easy one to call. All that moisture offshore makes this high stakes if the track ends up much differently. Sometimes misses are just as tough to call as the hits.

    The next chance for a storm is Sunday. Most models keep it well enough offshore that we should not get hit. However, there will most likely be a large storm in the ocean, so the track has to be watched once it develops.

    There will be plenty of melting each day this week, but the melted snow will refreeze at night. Be careful of slick spots.

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