• Unique snowstorm could develop during morning commute


    From FOX 25 Meteorologist Kevin Lemanowicz:

    The first batch of snow is leaving small amounts in most places. Eastern MA will likely see the most from this, likely on the order of one to three inches. However, I am watching for a band of heavier snow to show up Monday night. The set-up is in place in the atmosphere for a specific type of unique New England event called a NorLun trough, named for the two researchers discovering the conditions for it.

    Essentially, you need cold air in the upper atmosphere (even colder than on the ground by at least 10 degrees Celsius), and a moist air mass with a wind coming off the Atlantic to converge with surface winds and cause the air to rise. Rising, wet air condenses into clouds and precipitation. That usually is snow in the winter.

    These bands aren't very common, but when they do set up they have produced prolific snow amounts at time, including 30 inches on the Cape in one situation in 1993.

    I don't expect this one to be as big, but am forecasting five to seven inches from Cape Ann north to southeast N.H. and southern Maine.  The outer part of Cape Cod may also get in on it.

    I have to caution, however, that if that band moves either way, the forecast will change dramatically. Just like summer thunderstorms, I can tell you the conditions are in place, but now I have to watch for it to develop. Shiri will be watching it early on as it will be happening during the morning drive if it does set up. Chances are better than ever.

    Bitter cold is here this week either way, with more snow likely by Friday.

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