• Two girls seriously injured after being hit by truck at school bus stop

    METHUEN, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Two girls, ages 11 and 13, were injured after being struck by a truck while waiting for their school bus Wednesday morning in Methuen.

    The incident happened at the intersection of East and Bates Streets around 8 a.m., officials say. Two Timony Grammar School girls were hit by a 65-year-old man driving a pick-up truck.

    One girl suffered a broken femur, and is in stable condition, while the other has head trauma and remains in critical condition. A Medflight helicopter was called to take the girls to the hospital. Both were in surgery on Wednesday.

    "I looked up for a second. I saw two things like flying, just went forward and a white car like stop and then like landed back down," Captain Randy Haggar said.

    The crash happened in front of the convenience store that Hem Vora's family owns.

    "The kids come and wait for the school bus here every single day, so we know all of them. And I don't think anybody every expected this to ever happen," Vora said.

    Vora went on to say that witnesses rushed to help the girls including the driver.

    Police say that the sun may have been the cause of the crash.

    "The sun definitely was a factor. Officers responding to the scene as well as myself had a difficult time getting into the scene due to the solar glare," Haggar said.

    When asked why there isn't a crossing guard at the busy stretch of state highway, police say there just hasn't been one assigned, but they're going to rethink that decision.

    And by dismissal, students said that the bus stop was moved and a crossing guard will now be stationed there.

    So far, no charges have been filed.

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