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Remember this? Tuesday marks anniversary of Boston's first 2015 blizzard

by: Kevin Lemanowicz, Shiri Spear Updated:


BOSTON - The winter had started slowly until a snowstorm hit on Jan. 24 with up to 9" of snow northwest of Boston. Logan airport reported 5.1".

It turned out that was just a warm-up to what was to come just a few days later. The snow began on Jan. 26 and became very heavy that night. We stayed on the air all night long and all day on the 27th. It was the beginning of an unprecedented run of snow in the winter of 2015.

<< PHOTOS: A look back at the Blizzard of 2015 >>

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The storm verified as a blizzard and dropped a wide swath of 2 to 3 FEET of snow on the region. The "official" total at Logan was 24.6", but South Boston had 31"!


The blizzard of '78, by comparison gave Logan 27.1".

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A state of emergency was declared keeping everyone except for essential personnel off the roads.

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Here are some fun facts about last year’s snow to share at the water cooler today:
-24.6” snow in Boston was the #6 biggest snowstorm recorded in the city (today through the 28th)
-Before the 26th it has only snowed 5.5” in Boston (so far this year we have 10.4”)
-It snow 25 of the next 32 day in Boston
-The average snow per day was 2.8” in that time
-February ended up being the SNOWIEST MONTH ever recorded in Boston
-Last winter was the SNOWIEST WINTER on record in Boston, too