• TSA holds contest for ideas on how to speed up security screening

    PHOENIX (KSAZ) - We all know how frustrating airport security lines can sometimes be. They can be long, and then you have to remove your shoes, and don't forget to make sure those liquids are in a zip lock bag. It can ruin a trip before it even starts.

    So do you have an idea how to make airport security better? Make the lines faster? If you do, it could earn you part of $15,000.

    The TSA is asking for people to give them ideas on how to speed up security lines at the airport. The agency plans to give cash prizes to the top ideas, one prize will be at least $5,000 and the others $2,500 prizes.

    Anyone who has gone through airport security since 9/11 knows the lines can often get very congested.

    "So when there is a backup, or congestion, it seems like they're unprepared or not scheduled right, so that's the thing I notice," said Gail Keith.

    Now the TSA is looking for ways to improve security lines at the airport. It's turning to the public for ideas on how to cut down the long wait times.

    The agency setup a website asking for ideas on the next generation of security screening lines. They're looking for new concepts to make things run more smoothly. Those ideas could earn you some cash as part of a $15,000 pool.

    "The one thing I get is that it's inconsistent from airport to airport. So, it's like what might be fast in Phoenix, could be a mess in Denver. So, the consistency thing is a big deal," said Keith.

    Frequent flyer Gail Keith thinks better communication between the TSA and the airlines could probably help.

    "In some airports, the TSA doesn't seem to be in sync with traveler volume. Which I can only assume is a disconnect between them and the airlines," she said.

    "If you travel a lot you know what to do, and you're prepared for it. It's the people that don't travel a lot that are the problems," said Karen Frank.

    So far more than 1,900 people have submitted ideas, some of them could be getting a cash reward for it.

    "Well, I'll always take cash,' said Frank.

    "Yeah, I think it's awesome if they're willing to do that. It's great," said Keith.

    The contest ends August 15th, you can submit your ideas here: https://www.innocentive.com

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