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Trump's Massachusetts headquarters vandalized



LITTLETON, Mass. - The Massachusetts headquarters for presidential candidate Donald Trump was vandalized overnight.

"You certainly have the right if you don't like a candidate to tell them you don't like them and protest against them. But you certainly don't have the right to do a criminal act," said Police Chief Matthew King. 

Littleton Police said that the vandalism was reported  around 9 a.m. Saturday. The Conant Building on King Street houses the state's headquarters of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. 

Police said multiple words were spray painted on the outside of the offices, including vulgar and sexual references, "pig" and references that Trump is a Nazi. 

"It was pretty vulgar," said Chief King. 

Police are investigating the incident and are reviewing surveillance footage. They believe the person might have been on the younger. 

Trump's campaign manager was notified and said it was upsetting someone would do this; volunteers spent the day cleaning the offices, which opened just a week or two ago in the historic Conant Building. 

Littleton Police ask that anyone with information call 978-540-2300.