• Trump supporters hit Boston streets for 'Make America Great Again' march


    BOSTON - A march hit the streets of Boston Saturday to express support for President Donald Trump, just a day after the president and congressional Republicans failed to pass their new health care plan. 

    The Make America Great Again March, which had been planned weeks prior, started on Salem Street in downtown Boston. The march was also met by anti-Trump protestors who rallied against the president.

    According to the event website,  marches were planned in 32 states and Washington D.C.

    Organizers say the gathering is also a way to support and thank veterans, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel for their service. Attendees planned to donate food, clothing or toiletries to homeless veterans.

    Calling themselves the "silent majority," the march organizers pledged the event would show their enthusiasm and encouragement for the new presidency.  

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