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Trump says he'll win Hispanic vote because he'll create jobs

by: Kathryn Burcham Updated:

EXETER, N.H. - Donald Trump is still heavily favored to win in New Hampshire, but it's unclear how long that lead will last when one-third of New Hampshire voters are still undecided.
It's unlike Trump to start a rally without bragging about his latest poll numbers, but that's exactly what he did in Exeter Thursday. People crowded into Exeter town hall to hear him speak about jobs, the economy and illegal immigration.

He received his biggest applause when he dismissed a woman who told him she was visiting from southern California and that illegal immigrants are the backbone of the country.

"You know who is the backbone of our country? People that came here, that came here illegally. People that came to this country legally, and they work their a** off and they make the country great," he said. 

Trump has led the polls for months here,  but there are questions about whether he can keep that momentum without doing traditional retail politics.

His supporters are steadfast, and he is even appealing to younger people.  FOX25's Sharman Sachetti found two 18-year-olds ready to cast their first votes ever for Trump.
"I get a lot of backlash for supporting him, but the things that he says I think are true. I mean the illegal immigration problem in America is a huge problem," said Kevin Maldonado.
"He says what's on his mind and he actually talks about the issues of America which a lot of candidates aren't doing," said John Muldoon. 
Trump is in Portsmouth at Great Bay Community College and Friday he's in South Carolina, a decision some are questioning if he wants to win here in New Hampshire.