• Trial in Brockton baby shower slaying starts


    BROCKTON (AP) - The trial of a Brockton man accused of fatally shooting a teenage girl as she left a baby shower is under way.

    Darryene Ware is charged with murder in connection with the April 2009 death of 16-year-old Chantel Matiyosus.

    Authorities say the now 22-year-old Ware was a gang member who was actually targeting the girl's boyfriend, but struck her instead.

    Chantel's sister, Stephanie, took the stand Tuesday in the trial.

    The Enterprise reports that another gang member also took the stand to describe what led to the shooting.

    Ware's lawyer says that the girl's death was a tragedy, but there is no physical evidence that ties his client to the slaying. He says no one at the baby shower saw who pulled the trigger.

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