• Trial delayed for man accused of fatally hitting, dragging Milford motorcyclist

    WORCESTER, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A bench trial began but was delayed Wednesday for a man accused of fatally hitting a motorcyclist with his pickup truck in August 2011.

    The trial began at around 2:30 p.m. but by 4 p.m., a judge determined that the trial will need to be delayed until the court can determine an appropriate interpreter for him. Officials say Guaman, a native of Ecuador, is in the country illegally.

    Guaman, speaks the indigenous language Quechua, as his primary language, though he has been to court hearings and was in court Wednesday with a Spanish interpreter.

    "Well I thought that it was in fact worked out, I was under the impression that the interpreter that was going to be assisting during the court process was somebody who was going to be speaking my clients language," Guaman's attorney said.

    Investigators allege Nicolas Guaman was drunk when he ran a stop sign and hit a motorcycle driven by 23-year-old Matthew Denice of Milford. Witnesses told police Denice was stuck in the wheel well of Guaman's truck and dragged, despite people chasing the truck, banging on the sides, and screaming at the driver to stop.

    Guaman is standing trial on several charges, including second-degree murder and motor vehicle homicide while driving drunk.

    In court Wednesday, Guaman's defense attorney claimed the facts are not in dispute, just the degree of Guaman's responsibility. He also said a bench trial is best because the case is emotionally charged. Guaman was arrested three years ago for breaking and entering and instead of being deported, he was set free.

    Guaman's attorney said his client doesn't remember the incident and that he contends Denice hit him.

    The judge has delayed the trial until at least Monday.

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