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Travel site claims it's found the cheapest day to book flights


( -- Looking to buy airfare for an upcoming trip? A travel website says it's crunched the data and found out the exact day that it's cheapest to book a trip.

The site,, conducted a study that analyzed 4 million flights from 2013, over a 10.5 month booking period. According to the site, the best time to book a flight for domestic trips in the U.S. is 54 days before your departure date.

If that's too specific for your plans, the study found that in general, booking between 29 and 104 days before a flight got the best deal. Booking before that, travelers run the risk of paying too much before prices drop. Book too late, and prices rise sharply.

For the best price on international flights, however, the site suggests booking anywhere between 70 to 160 days out, depending on where in the world you're traveling.