• Trash, insults thrown at students walking near Gordon College


    WENHAM, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A college on the North Shore is investigating several reports of students having trash thrown at them from cars passing by.

    Officials at Gordon College in Wenham, Mass. say there have been as many as seven incidents since February in which students walking on Grapevine Road had trash thrown at them. A few of the incidents occurred in the same week in April.

    The school says some of the debris hurled at the students include sodas, sports drinks, and eggs. The students were also yelled at as the trash was thrown.

    The most recent incident occurred on April 19. Investigators say the description of the culprits has been the same in recent incidents, but is different from the description given in reports from February and March.

    Campus police say they are pursuing some leads. They say there is no reason to believe the people carrying out these acts are students of the college, but are more likely residents in the area.

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