• Transcript of James 'Whitey' Bulger's courtroom remarks

    Transcript of the exchange Friday between Judge Denise Casper and reputed mobster James "Whitey" Bulger:
    Casper: OK, Mr. Bulger, I just want to address you directly. You understand that this is the juncture of the case at which I ask for a decision about whether or not you're going to testify. Mr. Carney has just represented on your behalf that you're choosing not to testify.
    Bulger: Correct.
    Casper: Is that correct?
    Bulger: That is correct.
    Casper: And have you done that after careful consideration, sir?
    Bulger: Yes, I have.
    Casper: Have you done it after consultation with your attorney?
    Bulger: Yes.
    Casper: And are you making this choice voluntarily and freely?
    Bulger: I'm making the choice involuntarily because I don't feel - I feel that I've been choked off from having an opportunity to give an adequate defense and explain about my conversation with (now-deceased federal prosecutor) Jeremiah O'Sullivan. For my protection of his life, in return, he promised to give me immunity.
    Casper: I understand your position, sir, and certainly you're aware that I have considered that legal argument and made a ruling.
    Bulger: I understand.
    Casper: I understand, sir, if you disagree with it, OK?
    Bulger: I do disagree, and that's the way it is. And my thing is, as far as I'm concerned, I didn't get a fair trial, and this is a sham, and do what youse want with me. That's it. That's my final word.
    From the gallery: You're a coward.
    Casper: I need silence in the gallery. Thank you. Mr. Bulger, I understand your position, but my question was a simple one about you've decided not to testify in this case?
    Bulger: That's my answer.
    Casper: OK, you've decided not to testify in this case?
    Bulger: Correct.
    Casper: Thank you.

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