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Town may be forced to remove Kiwanis Cross on Route 28 after complaint


MIDDLEBOROUGH (FOX 25 / – It's a cross that has stood on public grounds in Middleborough for more than half a century. But now, it may have to go.

The cross at the middle of the rotary on Route 28 was erected in 1959 by the Kiwanis Club in memory of a local reverend.
An unnamed Boston lawyer spotted the monument last summer and complained to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.    
While part of the cross hangs over state land, the base of the structure is on town land.
Members of the club say the cross is meant to embrace all religions.

Members of Kiwanis say, so far, no action has been taken by the state, and the town has been supportive.
The club says moving the cross to private land really isn't an option because it could fall apart, so they hope if need be, the town's historical commission makes the cross a historic landmark.