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Top ways Google made our lives better


This week marks Google's 15th birthday! They grow up so fast don't they? In honor of the occasion, we came up with a few ways Google made our lives better.

The random search

You can search for anything your mind can come up with and you'll get a search result.

It made encyclopedias obsolete

Those expensive encyclopedias your mom and dad used to buy one at a time make their book shelf look nice, but I'm sure they need to be dusted off at this point.

The Google doodle

Remember when you procrastinated for a solid 10 minutes by playing the guitar on the Google doodle in honor of Les Paul's 96th birthday?

The ultimate argument solver

"Who is the best quarterback of all time?" You haven't used Google to its full potential if you've never used it to end an argument.

Hot searches

I didn't even know I wanted to search that until you presented it to me as the most searched thing of the day.

Staying up to date on slang

Gone are the days of asking younger generations what slang words mean - the answer is one Google search away.


Remember when you actually had to go to the doctor to find out what is wrong with you? Just kidding, you still should, but if you enjoy scaring yourself feel free to Google your symptoms first.