• Todashev's family calling for independent investigation


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – The family of a Florida man with ties to Boston Marathon Bomber No. 1 is calling for an independent investigation, claiming that he was not armed when he was killed by federal agents.     
    Relatives of Ibragim Todashev believe he did not threaten an FBI agent with a sword. They also claim law enforcement may have used excessive force on an unarmed person.
    Officials said Todashev was about to confess to a triple murder in Waltham, but his wife and close friends say he was never interviewed about the matter and that his case was not handled professionally.

    FOX 25 Bob Ward's sources told him agents believed Todashev was lunging to grab the weapon when they opened fire on him.

    The FBI told the Washington Post it is reviewing the shooting and that investigation could take months.

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