• Timeline of events in Babysitter sex abuse case


    Information taken from Commonwealth v. Marian Burbine docket.

    1989 – John Burbine convicted of three counts of indecent assault and battery on a child. Is required to register as a level one sex offender.

    2005 – A 7-year-old boy alleges that John Burbine inappropriately touched him. DCF investigates

    Feb. 3, 2009 – A 5-year-old boy alleges that John Burbine inappropriately touched him. DCF investigates.

    Feb. 10, 2009 – Marian Burbine is interviewed by DCF. Tells investigators that John Burbine, on at least one occasion, had brought the child to school and had babysat the child for several hours. Burbine also tells investigators that Burbine had taken the child to the swimming pool at Boston Sports Club in Lynnfield.

    2009 – DCF investigators inform Marian Burbine that they support allegations of sexual abuse by John Burbine and neglect on her part.

    2009 - The case was also referred to the Department of Early Education and Care to investigate that Marian Burbine was providing care to a five-year-old in her home and would require a license to continue doing so. The EEC investigator told Burbine that the licensing process and background checks would most likely preclude her from obtaining that license. The investigator said that while no current violation exists, she would be required to apply for a license to continue caring for children.

    2009 – Several months later, Marian Burbine shows up at the DCF Malden Office and says she was upset to learn about her husband's prior conviction and was a registered sex offender. She told investigators that despite her attempts to learn about John Burbine's prior convictions, she was unable to get information from the Sex Offender Registry Board. She also told investigators that she wanted to have children with her husband but had reservations following the investigations.

    Dec. 2009 – Marian Burbine files a request for a fair hearing with DCF, arguing that prior to the investigation in February that she had no knowledge of her husband's prior conviction or investigation in 2005. She also tells investigators that she learned of John Burbine's sex offender status in April, 2009.

    2010 – Investigators say that Marian Burbine began informing clients at the Boston Sports Club her intention to start a business that would offer a number of educational and child-caring services. Burbine offered her services to the family of a three-year-old and five-year-old who needed child care services in July 2010. Burbine then referred her husband to the family.

    May 2010 – The family of twin newborn girls hire Marian Burbine for overnight infant care.

    October 2010 – Marian and John Burbine begin providing in-home care to both infants. John Burbine begins providing overnight care to the children without Marian Burbine present.

    Sept. 2011 – A family hires Marian and John Burbine to provide care for a newborn. The child is soon solely cared for by John Burbine. John Burbine provides in-home care, including overnight care to the child.

    July 2012 – Marian Burbine informs the family of the twins that she can no longer provide care for the family because someone had made a false accusation against John Burbine. That family learns of John Burbine's background, confronts Marian Burbine, who says she has "no knowledge" of John Burbine's history.

    July 27, 2012 – EEC officials visit the Burbine home unannounced. Marian Burbine admits John Burbine "does babysitting."

    Investigators learn that between August 2010 and July 2012, John Burbine was referred by Marian Burbine to provide child care services for at least twelve children.

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