• Tierney, Tisei clash in Mass. 6th district debate


    BOSTON (AP) - Democratic U.S. Rep. John Tierney and his Republican challenger Richard Tisei butted heads on health care, gun control and the controversy surrounding the illegal gambling business operated by Tierney's brothers-in-law in a feisty televised debate.

    The two candidates in Massachusetts 6th Congressional District tossed charges and countercharges in the 25-minute match Thursday on NECN.

    Tisei called for a congressional investigation into the gambling controversy, while Tierney said a judge said he wasn't involved. Tierney called Tisei "shameful" for television ads raising the controversy involving Tierney's wife.

    Tisei said he opposes President Obama's health care law, which Tierney supports. The two also split on taxes with Tierney saying Tisei would hold tax cuts for the majority of Americans hostage to cuts for the wealthy.

    The two found some agreement. Both support reauthorization of a federal assault weapons ban.

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