• Theft victim finds Taco Bell job application in stolen briefcase


    SOMERSET, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – Two male suspects were arrested for a series of car break-ins that occurred this past Saturday, Sunday and Monday in Somerset, Swansea, and Warren R.I.

    Police said Nathan Heron, 20, of Somerset, and his 20-year-old cousin Dylan Pollitt, of New Bedford, broke into more than two dozen vehicles and stole thousands of dollars of goods, credit cards, and money. Each of the suspects is charged with multiple counts of breaking and entering into motor vehicles and larceny.

    Police in Somerset began receiving calls regarding reported car break-ins early Saturday morning. Officers responded to the area and began investigating approximately 20 breaks that occurred.

    Heron and Pollitt reportedly discarded some of the stolen items in the area of Fairway Drive, Regan Road, and Ashton Field. All of these locations are within a half mile of the reported breaks.

    Upon further investigation, police also learned that the suspects used some of the stolen credit cards around 4 a.m. Saturday at various Fall River businesses.

    Police were able to identify one of the possible suspects using Facebook and surveillance videos.

    One of the theft victims helped police identify the second suspect. The victim told police that inside his stolen briefcase, which was returned to him, he found a random job application to a Taco Bell belonging to a New Bedford resident.

    Police took to Facebook once again with the new information and were able to connect the two suspects.

    The suspects were arrested Tuesday, and police were able to recover some of the stolen items, which included GPS units, coins, wallets, calculators, binoculars, cigarettes, cell phones, prescriptions and miscellaneous.

    Heron was arraigned Tuesday and posted $300 bail.

    Pollitt was arraigned Wednesday and was being held on $500 bail.

    The investigation is ongoing.

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