• The mild stretch begins, possible storm late this week


    From FOX 25 Meteorologist Shiri Spear

    Let the mild stretch begin!

    Temperatures will start and end above average Tuesday. Wake up temperatures were in the lower 30s in the Boston area. The 5 a.m. temperature report in Martha's Vineyard was 40 degrees! There were some cooler spots north and west of the city. Southern New Hampshire and western Massachusetts bottomed out in the single digits.

    By noon, thermometer reading will be in the upper 30s to lower 40s. We'll see highs in the mid 40s. This is a March forecast, not January!

    The best part? It comes will abundant sunshine! Though the skaters, skiers and snowmobilers may be disappointed, it's a great opportunity to take off a layer and enjoy the outdoors.

    A weak front will pass through southern New England late Wednesday. Most towns will stay dry, but I can't rule out an isolated shower. After that, the next storm is timed for Friday. IF it arrives early enough in the morning, we will see some ice for the morning commute. With temperatures far above freezing, the main event will be on/off plain rain.

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