• Teens battling Cancer get red carpet treatment at prom


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- It started with an elite arrival, followed by a walk down the red carpet arm in arm with celebrities. A Prom to Remember hosted a prom Friday night for New England teens battling Cancer.

    Event organizer Wendy Nichols and her team chose the Ritz Carlton for the venue and had a goal to "produce for these kids a one in a million experience."

    Mission accomplished.

    Amber Disla, 15, is fighting Cancer for the second time and attended the event.

    "This was so much more than I expected, this is amazing," she said.

    The goal of the event was to pull the teens away from their regular schedules to have some fun.

    “It was about for them an evening away from the day to day and it's about acceptance and camaraderie with kids who are just like themselves," Nichols said.

    And that's just what they did. Each with a guest of choice, let loose, even if just for a night, and enjoyed what being a teen is all about. Prom to Remember runs on donations, so this night didn’t cost them a dime. Click here to donate.

    This is its first year in Boston and based on the reaction, it looks like it could become an annual event.

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